Shocking many traders are technical trained and made only small profits

Veteran and Profitable Economic Trader and Wizard, Mr Victor Say will awe you with insights to the nuts and bots of making sound profits on the basis of fundamentals and economics to the cross currency pairs. 

Foreign Exchange & Risk Management For Businesses

A hands-on approach to introduce participants how to hedge their Foreign Exchange exposures as well as how to trade the foreign exchange market. The Foreign Exchange Market is the biggest financial market in the world with daily turnover of more than USD5 trillion. It is a very liquid & active market providing opportunities for hedgers and speculators. This workshop is designed to provide a practical overview of the FX Market.

Who should attend?

  • This workshop will benefit
  • Trainee Dealers
  • SME Bosses
  • Corporate Banking Officers,
  • Private Banking Relationship Managers
  • Foreign Exchange Operations Officers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Investors who plan to invest in the FX market

Foreign Exchange & Risk Management For Businesses

will equip participants:

  • How to read foreign exchange quotations
  • How to calculate foreign exchange rates
  • What are forward points and swap points
  • How to take advantage of interest rate differentials
  • How does economic and political news affect the foreign market
  • How to trade professionally and effectively

Foreign Exchange & Risk Management For Businesses


  • Mechanics of FX quotation
  • Direct and Indirect quote
  • Bid and offer rate
  • Value date
  • Cross Date


  • factors affecting FX rates
  • Long term factors
  • Short term factors
  • Interpretation of U.S and other major economic indicators
  • Utilizing charts in FX trading


  • Mechanics of calculating forward rates
  • What are interest rate differential
  • Bid and offer forward points
  • Are forward points at a discount or premium


Using forwards and options to hedge receivables & payables

Learn to Hedge Your Business Financial Risk with Options and More.... Why reduce your revenue to foreign currency exchange losses?

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