Joseph, or Jose as he preferred to be known, is an avid trader since 2012. His 11 years of IT consultant experiences has given him an edge in technical trading…“I like to observe anti-momentum trading and in return gain a new momentum early in the trade to reap the maximum rewards.”
With this, Jose, has been trading daily – a day-trader – for last 8 years! One needs to be with him during trading, and Jose will tell you what he sees with his eagle-eyes on the charts. The results can be amazing.
Jose belongs to a group of like-minded traders to help the global trading community re-established the confidence of the retail and financial traders. Thus Jose passion is to “train more full-time traders in the market to take advantage of the new global economic market equilibrium”. Jose specialises in currencies and commodities like gold and silver and is using 3CI methodology to help him to execute his trading strategies.