Jonathan graduated from K-State University, USA with a degree in Computer Engineering and numerous years of Regional IT working experience, he is now retired. He left his job 2006 and since then he is a full-time tradingfor more than 13 years.  Jonathan trades stocks in Singapore and the US but also specialises in trading the Hang Seng, Dow Jones, S&P500 Futures, Forex and commodities.

Jonathan is very much into technical analysis – candlesticks to be precise.  Because of his education and working experiences, he is able toprogramme these technical signals into his trading – this enable him to spend more than with his family. He has contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines such as The Star and SmartInvestor. He also gives weekly markets review in various social media.

Jonathan’s passion in trading does not stop there. He wants to educate others and doing so, he has conducted many trading courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. He has closed to 3,000 followers.  He even started a signal call known as Real Time Trade Alert recently and this is done via mobile phone.