Celebrate The M Intelligence

Engineer your M Intelligence At Finxentral

M stands for the Market. 
M stands for the Market-Makers with Key Intelligence. 
M stands for the Money in the Market, made by Market-Makers. 

We have built and enabled a centre of intelligence which you can now leverage on qualified intelligence that is beyond artificial, to transcend your capacity and insights to become a Tradepreneur in having a consistent share of the Money made by only the market makers, as a well known fact. 

To be Tradepreneur, be prepared to transform beyond self trading. But be prepared to create and build a trading business that generates more than 1 source of revenue inflow. 

You can become our Academy Coach, or an Affiliate Partner or simply be the Signal Provider to multiply beyond trading profits.

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The Alchemist Team

The Alchemist Team carries a great heart and a beautiful vision, with a united goal to build capacities and groom everyone they touched, to become a Tradepreneur as we work hand in hand to transcend our trading community to be more than just about trading, but with a purpose to enable a consistent capacity to distribute profits and winnings to the less fortunates globally. The Power of Profiting, Winning, Giving and Blessing; Is In Our Hands. We welcome you to join our quest.

Zelda Cai

Chief Alchemist

Jonathan Tan

Chief Market Strategist

Haneef Khee Siong Chee

Trader, Trainer and Coach

Joseph Liang

Trader, Trainer and Coach

Victor Say

Trainer on Foreign Exchange & Risk Management

Raymond Tan

QA-HSI & DAX Mastery Programme and 3CI-A50 Master Trainer/Coach