Raymond Tan

Shocking many traders are losing due to the lack of Time-To-Profit strategies

Regional Number 1 Most Sought After Indices CFD Master Trainer, Mr Raymond Tan will awe you with the Secrets to Time and Position Your Profits with precise entry and exit points.  You can now access to his proprietary 4 Unique Strategies to make your profit taking a breeze.  You never have experienced in manual trading other than his 500++ students who are taking 70% success rate almost daily

Who should attend?

This workshop will benefit traders to obtain mastery in trading major indices CFD which can be more predictable than FX, and only required specific market opening hours and simple to apply Time-To-Profit strategies which amazed you. You can now spend more time with your love pursuits and lesser time in trading, yet finance your love pursuits with your gain from any of 4 Simple yet Powerful Time-To-Profit Strategies. (Beware that many made Time-To-Profit Strategies their love pursuits.)

Testimonies from Graduates

Equip yourself with any of the Time-To-Profit Strategies and join the strong community for support to move from good to great as you stay as dynamic as the market where the profitable and successful forces be with you. And you receive coaching workshops by the Trainer to horn your skills and evolve.
The more strategies you are equipped with, the more unfair advantage you will acquire to be profitable.

  1. Opening Bell (OPB) Strategy for HSI & DAX
  2. Futures to Cash Reversal (FCR) Strategy for HSI & DAX
  3. Out of Bounds (OB) Strategy for HSI & DAX
  4. Trading + 1 Day (T1D) Strategy for HSI